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ARM Analytics App

Analytical applications are business applications used to gauge and improve the performance of business tasks. We use accumulations of chronicled information about business activities to give business clients data and tools that enable them to make enhancements in business capacities.

(Analytic applications are a type of business application software, used to measure and improve the performance of business operations. We use collections of historical data about business operations to provide business users with information and tools that allow them to make improvements in business functions)

Given the fast change in pace and rivalry in the retail space, it's never enough to simply open a store and anticipate that profits to easily come in.

Retailers should fire on all chambers. This implies knowing who their clients are, what they need and offering them the correct items at the right costs and perfect time.

So to do that, retailers should have the option to comprehend their clients at the most profound level so as to transform those bits of knowledge into deals and profitability.

If you’re like most retailers, you have plenty of data. But do you have the tools to turn it into profitable customer or business insights?

Product Overview

The ARM Analytics Application serves as a mediator between you and your data. Comprehend the profitability and number of items sold in a typical sale

  • Make sense of which items sell the most, the least, and everything in the middle
  • Track deals constantly to comprehend your in-store sale rates
  • Retail investigation can enable you to recognize your most profitable customers
  • Locate your top and least selling representatives

Tracked Metrics

Our Application has several metrics to track information about your store and gain valuable insight. We use your store’s data to track many important business metrics

Net sales, total sales, sales per hour, sales based on type of sale item, sales divided up by categories of each type, sales by brand, most profitable sales items, average/median profit based per sale, market basket analytics such as number of items in a typical sale, profitability based on average number of items sold, market basket associations between items, average monthly sales, monthly sales growth rate, top selling and bottom selling products, and much more!


We can successfully track several different metrics as stated above but it all begins with signing a contract and giving us access to your data. Data can be stored on premise, or on the cloud depending on the POS system you use. Once we gain access to your data, we perform the relevant calculations, crunch some numbers and do all the math behind the scenes to provide you with informative visuals that you can use to run the store better.

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